Definition/disclaimer:  CLA is a HUB, a “SOUL-cial Network” like Facebook, with Special Features to showcase content from it’s Members. We (CLA) do not promote or endorse anything or anyone, we simply offer a platform for connection, collaboration and for the content of our members to be featured.

Conscious Living Alternatives- CLA is the first global ‘SOUL-cial Network’ HUB that brings together under one roof every conscious living interest. It’s an environment where people who are focused on living with an Awareness for the sanctity of all life and the highest quality of living life can both ‘find’, ‘interact’ and ‘collaborate’ with each other through a wide variety of Features … some totally unique to CLA.

SOUL-cial Network 

It begins with a full Social Network environment [very much like Facebook] where as a ‘free’ registered Member you get your own personal Profile Page as well as a ‘streamed’ Community-Timeline Page. There is also a versatile CHAT Feature much like Facebook Messenger where you can connect one on one or in groups.

Friends, Photos & Videos 

On the Community page you will find a prominent link to all your photos and videos, which are also available on your Profile Page where you will find all your friends.

Blog ​

There is a Blog Page where you will find a wide variety of conscious living articles posted and in which you may wish to contribute your own posts after being reviewed by our editorial department. Please write to: writing-submissions@cla.world with BLOG Submission in the Subject line.


There is a Groups Page with many conscious living topics such as eco-fashion, sustain-ability, clean energy, vegan & almost vegan, wholesome food, recycling, self discovery and many more. We encourage you to create your own Groups and help CLA cover every conceivable conscious living subject on the planet

Art Salon

In the Art Salon there are Pages that offer suggestions and links for conscious living movies and videos, music and books. You may also wish to make suggestions that CLA can add to these pages. Please write to: suggestions-comments@cla.world with Art salon in the Subject line.


Here you will find experts in a wide range of conscious living fields who write exclusively for CLA in their chosen area. Over time you may find a favorite that you come back to regularly. It is also possible that you are an expert in a specific conscious living area and may wish to add your experience through a regular column. If this interests you please write to: writing-submissions@cla.world with Columns in the Subject line.

Family Conscious

In this Special Feature you will find interesting, practical and engaging posts related to the New Education (new ways of educating our conscious children), about Conscious Children and about Conscious Parenting. Our intention is to support self discovery for ourselves and our children and ways to live consciously.   We welcome your comments and input as well as articles as long as they are written exclusively for CLA. Please contact us at info@cla.world with Conscious Families in the Subject line.

Street Conscious 

Street conscious is another unique Feature CLA offers its members to both enjoy and contribute to. In short videos you can enjoy and send conscious living moments you witness from around the world on the street and that you have recorded. To share your street conscious moments write to: streetconscious@cla.world

Creative Cloud 

This unique environment is where [when it is launched later] you will be able to showcase your ideas and inspirations to expand conscious living locally or around

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