-PART 2-

For some there is a gentle merging, a soft caress of balance leading quietly into
the loving embrace of Oneness … for others there is a head-on collision and a

tangled wreck leaving no survivors. Most encounters lie somewhere between
these two extremes but one thing is certain – these ships are not passing in the
night. While it is true the reign of the patriarchy has been a long, ugly imbalanced
tribulation for our feminine nature, the darkness that shrouds its lust for power
and control cannot hide from the Light The Divine Feminine sheds everywhere
She shows up … and today She ‘s showing up everywhere.
What determines the intensity of Her fiery embrace is our ‘receptivity’. The
degree with which we welcome this enormous transforming Light will define how

gentle or harsh the experience will be. If we utter a heartfelt ‘yes’ to the Freedom
She brings the passage through Her narrow gates will be swift and nurturing. If we
resist and persist in retaining the identity of self will, there will be many severe
bumps on the road Home. What is sure is that we no longer have a choice She has
moved into our neighborhood and is not leaving. Her Divine influence is growing
like a bush fire within our consciousness sensing every imbalanced barrier we
have created to maintain the illusion of power and control we still believe we


About the author: John McIntosh

A successful entrepreneur until 1999 John traveled for decades around the world speaking to tens of thousands of people before leaving everything behind and diving into Self-Discovery. Now, in the first baby steps of The Golden Age,

John shares his acquired understanding of the ‘old energy’ of the mind together with his personal experience of The New Energy - Thinking with the Heart, which is the instrument of SELF Mastery, Abundant Living and Freedom – Now

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