As you might expect, Conscious Living Alternatives – CLA is an (organic) endeavour … pun intended and beyond the basic set-up and features centered around our Theme of

“Uniting people globally to consciously interact and build a new way of living and being in the world”

and our Intention of

“helping to lift the Collective Consciousness of humanity”

CLA will grow and expand through the suggestions and actions of its Members –

Our primary guideline is to ask that you refrain from bashing or finger-pointing in all your interactions within the CLA world. We recognize in this fast changing world that a lot of nasty bits are rising to the surface that before the age of the Internet and whistle-blowers were only suspected and then by only a few. Nevertheless, these things are part of the collapsing patriarchal structures as the masculine and feminine energies become balanced.

Here are a few other guidelines, which we will point out are flexible according to the combined suggestions of the CLA Members. Please feel free to make any suggestions you wish to either alter or add to our CLA Guidelines –


  • We welcome respectful and inquisitive discussion but we discourage bullying of any kind, rudeness and  aggressive communication of any kind.
  • Trolls will be deleted as members.
  • We welcome the promotion of your products and services through our ‘Classified Advertising’ Feature as well as our GeoDirectory Feature where you may list your company, products and services in an elaborate multi-media display for all members to find you globally. You may also wish to start a Group oriented to your various products and services where discussions may take place on these topics. When our ‘Creative Cloud’ Special Feature is launched.
  • Posts accepted into our generic BLOG or on your Community Page are not protected by copyright. Should you become one of our Columnists your published work there is exclusive to CLA and may be reprinted only with the author’s and CLA’s permission.


In helping to lift the collective consciousness into a greater Awareness of Who we really are our method is to emphasize creativity, collaboration and Oneness. What we give our “Attention to expands” and what we “pull” our Attention from … gradually fades … this is the simple secret of Self Mastery and where our CLA focus lies.

Welcome to CLA

John McIntosh

Founder and CEO of CLA


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