The Theme of CLA is

“Uniting people globally to consciously interact and build a new way of living and being in the world”

and its Intention is

“helping to lift the Collective Consciousness of humanity”

At its core CLA is a SOUL-cial Network  which eventually will grow to hundreds of thousands of Member Merchants who are Conscious Living oriented as well as hundreds of millions of Members who live the same way … a worldwide family focused on Living Life in a balanced, whole and caring way while seeing all Life as an aspect of themselves.

At present the website contains the following:

  • A global GeoDirectory containing information on Merchants Members both with bricks and mortar locations as well as virtual environments. All of course, Conscious Living oriented.
  • A complete Social Networking capability allowing all Members to find and interact with one another including:
    • Groups
    • Blogs
    • Live Chat
    • Friends
    • Photos & Videos … and
    • Timeline
  • Unique Special Features Including:
    • COLUMNS where expert writers in a variety of conscious living areas post articles written exclusively for CLA
    • STREET CONSCIOUS where you can send in your short conscious living video clips that you recorded on your cell phone on the street
    • WORMHOLE where other conscious living sites can link their site to CLA
    • ART SALON where recommendation of Music, Books,  Movies &Videos will be posted that are conscious living oriented.
    • CREATIVE CLOUD where you can upload short video presentations of your conscious living ideas, concepts and invention to attract mentors, joint venturists and angel financers then communicate with them through Live Chat as well as Online Conferencing with hundreds in the audience.
  • And please feel free to contact us with suggestions on how we can improve CLA at



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